eBook Starter Package

eBook Starter Package 1.0

A professional e-book creation tool to easily design and create stylish e-books

eBook Starter is a professional e-book creation tool that will allow you to design and create stylish electronic books in just a few simple steps. It supports both plain text and HTML input files, to which you can apply any of the beautiful templates available. The program includes a viewer that you can use to check the final layout of your e-book. The book and the viewer are bundled together in a handy EXE file, suitable for quick and professional e-distribution.

The program offers you two main types of e-books – a basic one, and a more professional-looking type based on beautifully-designed templates. The first type will create e-books resembling the layout of a standard electronic document, while the second will give the final user the look and feel of a physical book. Both can be delivered using the same built-in viewer, which can be fully branded to show all your company’s details in various parts of the book.

The creation process is simple and offers instant gratification to all types of users. You are offered a convenient wizard to allow you create any type of e-book in just six easy steps. Those with a bit more experience can directly design, edit, and compile their own e-books, and take advantage of the extensive choice of settings available. Thus, you can decide on the final appearance of both the text and the viewer, the icons and buttons used in the different toolbars, how and when the branding messages will be shown (using a pop-up window or a splash screen), as well as the security level you wish to add to your e-book.

Once the book looks the way you want it to look, the program will create a unique self-extracting EXE file that you can quickly and safely send to all your clients, friends, colleagues, etc. The output file will contain the viewer they need to read the e-book, just the one you specifically designed for that e-book.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Includes dozens of stylish templates for your e-books
  • The output is a self-extracting EXE file for easy e-distribution
  • Suitable for both novice and experienced users


  • Limited choice of input file formats
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